About us

Nevertown Publishing was formed to take reading beyond the classroom and to encourage children to make reading a fun part of their everyday life… all children. We are creating a collection of adventure stories that the readers will enthusiastically dive into – a world that their parents will be happy to see them escaping to. Now with the emergence of e-books, we can deliver captivating tales in rich colours immediately.

However, not all readers are at the same level, so we produce two english versions of our books; an original english version for those who already enjoy reading on their own, and a version with a simpler language level for those learning at a different pace.
At the same time, reacting to a shortage of material for french immersion pupils, we have a french version that uses as neutral a french as possible. Whether they’re called graphic novels, or comic books, the combination of the right words and pictures can be irresistible for even reluctant readers.

Our first book,“The Nevertown Three and the Flood,” was written and illustrated by Stephen Hutchings.

Nevertown Back Cover