Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there three versions?

The original english version (EV) is purely an adventure story for children whose mother tongue is english.

Children who already enjoy reading comics and graphic novels will be familiar with the classic comic book font. They will have fun and pick up new vocabulary while they’re doing it.

We took the same story and artwork and simplified the language to create a version (SV) that can be enjoyed by young readers who are either experiencing literacy difficulties, or are learning english as a second language.

We also responded to a shortage of suitable french immersion stories in this format by creating a french version (FV) that aims at the age group 9-10, using the appropriate language level.

What languages are the books available in?

Although we would like to expand the number of languages eventually, for now we offer two levels of english, and a french immersion version.

What makes it suitable for french immersion readers?

We have been careful to use as neutral a form of french as is practically possible, keeping in mind that the immersion students will be reading at a slightly lower level than their peers who have french as a first language.

We’ve also used the special font “FS Me” to add to the clarity of the words.

What is the difference between the two english versions?

The EV version is for children who are already reading well and have english as a mother tongue, while the SV version has been simplified for reluctant readers, those with learning disabilities and students of english as a second language.

Why Ebooks?

The graphic novel, or comic book, lends itself beautifully to the colour Ebook format. The rich colours won’t fade, and each frame can be expanded and enlarged to see the detail that young readers love.

The stories can be read and re-read without degradation, and are infinitely portable. Best of all is the ease of delivery…colourful adventures instantly at the click of a mouse!

What devices can I read it on?

As long as you have one of the iPad, Kobo or Amazon reader apps, you can read it on any colour device.