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Nevertown French VersionThe simplified english version tells the same exciting story with the same brilliant artwork as the standard english version, but at a simpler language level. The font used, FS me, is exceptionally clear and was designed to address reading disabilities. With this font, there is less chance of confusion between letter forms. The young reader can also use the enlargement feature to make the text bigger, or see the colourful panels in detail.
The whimsical illustrations and clarity of text combine in the irresistible comic book form to make it also ideal for students of english as a second language.

The Nevertown Three does make a useful literacy aid, but at it’s heart is an irresistible story that unlocks the magic behind the written word.

The books can be read on iPads, Chromebooks, whiteboards and any other computers or tablets with an internet connection.

The Story – In a new town at a new school, brother and sister Jamie and Kate are having trouble fitting in. After Matt, one of the school trouble-makers, finds Jamie’s secret lab in the school basement, a strange old telephone buzzes with a message for help- and the three embark on an exciting adventure into the distant past. As well as the adventure, young readers will enjoy the sometimes lively exchanges between Kate and Matt, and the clever way Jamie solves the mystery.

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